Apr 24, 2013

MOVING (forward)

Soon, I can call myself Bobette the builder, because I will be moving to my own new apartment. Done renting. (dancing move)
But first I have to remodel it completely from scratch, and that won't be very funny...
The bright side is a good work out, so maybe I'll be tight before summer and of course dreaming about what kind of style I want to live in.
After some research and loads of inspiration, I finally get the picture(s).

(links: up - down, left - right) 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6

How cool is that weird placed yellow frame around that window?
I'm also a huge fan of letters and numbers (see below) and totally in love with that red cactus, but I fear they don't sell it here... unless I can buy this online.

Well, I'm very curious what the result is going to be. Fingers crossed that I don't let the whole thing collapse or saw off some of my limbs.

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