Jul 27, 2011


a beautiful site full of lovely food pictures. Go check it out right here.

Colorful cubes

Jul 13, 2011


My mac didn't fit into my bag, but I never go away without my sketchbook and pencils.

Jun 24, 2011


I've made a little illustration very quick to end up the day. Bags are packed and off we go...

Jun 21, 2011

I think I'm in a color mood...

La prairie

Crossing over the level-crossing to... a big question mark or la prairie, a whole plain of opportunities. 

I love

I'm so fond of scarves the last few months. Wear them on your outfit, make a knot, a bow or wear them in your hear... it makes you more characteristic. 
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Is this real?

Whoa, finally graduated :-) Let's party, with these party colors!
An end, a new beginning, a new life... so exciting!

Jun 12, 2011

Who is also looking forward to the summer? Drinking Moijito's at the swimming pool and eat a bunch of watermelons, mmm. (source )

Katie from the beautiful blog Illustration by Katie has nominated me for the stylish blogger award, yay! :))  I've never heard of that before, so I'll do my best to do it right. Apparently I have to say 7 things you don't know about me and post my 7 favorite blogs in random order. It's so difficult to choose, because there are so many lovely blogs who deserves a nomination. But here are 7 I like a lot...

1. I can eat spaghetti 3 times a day... and day, after day, after day.
2. Silently I hope to becoming Alberta Einstein.
3. I'm afraid of dying and don't put me in a plane!
4. Sometimes or maybe often I sing along with opera- music... really passionately ;)
5. I'm 26 years old and already have a few gray hairs
6. Always try not to step on ants or other little beings
7. I love old movies

1. Myltan
3. Flara

Jun 2, 2011

tomorrow will be...

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two thingies

Lovely PRINT and a sketch I've made on Tuesday. It was a preparation task for next week. Then, there will be a naked model.

May 28, 2011


Here is a little peep of my new drawing. It's totally not finished yet. She doesn't have a face and it's just basic developed. My intention for this one, is a golden glow at a hot summer evening.
I've put some photographs of Olivia Graham together, because I found them very pretty.

May 25, 2011


When I saw work of the artist Prince Lauder, I really needed to post it. His pieces are so ... yeah baby, I don't have a better word for that. Enjoy!
Please visit his site right here.

May 24, 2011


I'm so sorry, I wish I could post more, but it's really busy these weeks. I have deadlines coming and graduation tasks, and other assignments.. I also promised to make another fashion drawing, but it isn't finished yet :( So I just put some inspiration together of vintage pictures that I had on my computer and this weekend I will show you a peep of my drawing.

May 20, 2011

Relaxing weekend


Confession: I'm a real tea and coffee junky.

May 18, 2011

May 17, 2011


This is my latest new painting on canvas. It barely fitted in my car.
(acrylic, 120/80 cm). link

Funny thought : Apparently our cosmos is one big recycling bin, also our planet and ourselves. Because we are all made out of atoms blabla... such a funny thought that we all have pieces in us of galaxies and dinosaurs :)

May 16, 2011


The beautiful blog Paperfashion organized a contest: submitting an inspirational photo and the winner gets a paperfashion illustration of that photo. I thought "why not, just for fun" with the assumption I'm not going to win. Of course I was right. But when I saw my photo between a few of her favorites, I was childishly happy. This was my photo.

May 15, 2011

I like...

Look 1//2

growing process

I was browsing through my sketches from my first year Art school. It's really funny to see. I've learned a lot those past years. My ideas and implementations were so short-sighted. If I knew back then, what I know now, I would do it totally different. I lived in a little narrow world. And 10 years later from now, I would probably say it again, about what I know at this moment. This is also an art, accepting our growing process.

May 13, 2011


Isn't this strange? Those are animated gif photos. From the New York fashion fotographer Jamie Beck in collaboration with the motion graphic artist and designer Kevin Bur. Go check out her site here

May 11, 2011


I've worked with watercolor pencils for the first time.
A little experiment, it was fun. (+ink)

May 7, 2011

pretty things

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Ditje & datje

happy weekend, it's 26° in Belgium, very nice :-)

May 6, 2011


fffound a little romance.

May 4, 2011


The power of simpleness...


Everywhere I look on the street, in bars,... stripes stripes stripes... but don't get me wrong, I love it too, or is it brainwashing? (link)


This drawing, I've painted yesterday. charcoal + acrylic, paper + a little photoshop ;-)
It was a quicky, because paper isn't a good basic to paint on.

May 2, 2011



I'm quietly counting down for my holiday, a road trip through Italy (Umbria and Toscany).
Hmm dreaming dream dream. Sometimes I think so deeply about our origin and the cosmos, I'm 'getting' crazy! I want to write it down how my mind works, but my English isn't good enough... I even can't write it down in Dutch. It's like a whole network in 3D, one thought works to another and another,...
It feels like the creation of our cosmos is actually quite simple and logical to figure out, like the apple falling from the tree, but we just can't see it. Probably we'll never do, sigh.

p.s. I have a thing lately with triangles...

Two lovely

Sorry it has been a while since I've stopped by. It was really busy lately, still, but I'm back!
1picture// 2print

Apr 27, 2011


 Food can be so beautiful (link )

a little romance

Pictures of the prop-stylist sahara widoff.

I like

1. laura mercier 2. cabinet 3. Tea 4. colours 5. Dress


Photo up by Monica Eisenman.
Source down.

Apr 23, 2011

Happy things


Fire balls

Model Lily Cole shot by photographer Solve Sundsbo// link

Take a smile

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Apr 20, 2011


My next illustration.


I think the cause of this post is spring and beautiful weather... but it's also just nice to look at, don't you think? Hey, I'm an artist, I like to watch beautiful things (and it also works very inspirational, YES it does).

Apr 19, 2011

Listening to..

... and watching this.
(link : 1 2 3)

Play your life

1 - 2 )

Some old pictures

Photography by Alfred Eisenstaedt ( 1898 - 1995 )

1 - Afternoon Tea Excelsior, Florence, Italy
2 - VJ Day, The Kiss, New York, New York
3 - Max Schling Fifth Avenue