Sep 6, 2015

Tinika has moved!

Just follow me, and i'll take you over there to its new home!

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Jun 21, 2015

Happy summer!

Need I say more

Apr 24, 2013

MOVING (forward)

Soon, I can call myself Bobette the builder, because I will be moving to my own new apartment. Done renting. (dancing move)
But first I have to remodel it completely from scratch, and that won't be very funny...
The bright side is a good work out, so maybe I'll be tight before summer and of course dreaming about what kind of style I want to live in.
After some research and loads of inspiration, I finally get the picture(s).

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How cool is that weird placed yellow frame around that window?
I'm also a huge fan of letters and numbers (see below) and totally in love with that red cactus, but I fear they don't sell it here... unless I can buy this online.

Well, I'm very curious what the result is going to be. Fingers crossed that I don't let the whole thing collapse or saw off some of my limbs.

Feb 20, 2013


If you are a real amateur like me, but would love to take photos that standout? Then these tips will help. Of course there is a lot more to learn about photography, but it's a very basic selection of my personal top 5.

1. play with perspective - lie on your back, tilt the camera,...
2. experiment with lighting - light & shadow gives your picture more drama/sense
3. make your subject more interesting - let the person jump, use special props,...
4. look off the camera - this can create a feeling of candidness
5. and of course, composition - think of white-space or the rule of thirds

If you're taking hold with this, I think that you're already much further to make beautiful pictures of your most beautiful moments.
So go out on adventure and experiment!

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Feb 7, 2013


Here is my new mixed tape. When you're cruising around or chilling at home, this one brings you up to the mood.

1. JUST BECAUSE I DO - selah sue
2. ON & ON - erykah badu
3. WHILE MY GUITAR GENTLY WEEPS - martin l. mccoy
4. UNTIL THE END OF TIME - justin timberlake feat. beyonce
5. HALF TIME - amy winehouse
6. LADY - d'angelo
7. IDLEWILD BLUES - outkast
8. LIKE A STAR - corinne bailey rae
9. IMPOSSIBLE - christina feat. alicia keys
10. BLISS - mariah carey


I just love vintage posters, book covers,... design in general.
So, I've made a little painting in acryl from a 50's magazine cover.
Models from that time were also no walking skeletons like now. A woman with shapes is just more fun to draw. (50 x 60 cm)


Nowadays with all those cooking programs your dishes need to be true work of arts, with the strangest ingredients first. Small stacks of sauce from pastry bags, tiny bits from this & that, molecular balls,... But I find that there is nothing better than a delicious daily stew. Certainly when it's cold and dark outside. This dish is also very easy to make. 
• Cook your potatoes and broccoli. 
• Fry your onion and bacon. 
• Crush everything together into a stew and add your herbs. 
• Finish with the red berries on top. And ready freddy.

Ok, it looks pretty ugly, but it tastes fancy ;)


It's funny how designers affect each other. Often, you see the similar design coming back.
I design usually with my feeling, but of course there're rules that you can learn. Such as the golden ratio.
Below you can see some examples, who have used the center of the grid. I can understand why they place their words over a face. Eyes are also a very good eyecatcher.
But so you see that everyone is an inspiration for each other.

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