Apr 27, 2011


 Food can be so beautiful (link )

a little romance

Pictures of the prop-stylist sahara widoff.

I like

1. laura mercier 2. cabinet 3. Tea 4. colours 5. Dress


Photo up by Monica Eisenman.
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Apr 23, 2011

Happy things


Fire balls

Model Lily Cole shot by photographer Solve Sundsbo// link

Take a smile

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Apr 20, 2011


My next illustration.


I think the cause of this post is spring and beautiful weather... but it's also just nice to look at, don't you think? Hey, I'm an artist, I like to watch beautiful things (and it also works very inspirational, YES it does).

Apr 19, 2011

Listening to..

... and watching this.
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Play your life

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Some old pictures

Photography by Alfred Eisenstaedt ( 1898 - 1995 )

1 - Afternoon Tea Excelsior, Florence, Italy
2 - VJ Day, The Kiss, New York, New York
3 - Max Schling Fifth Avenue

Apr 17, 2011

a lovely mess

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Flower power

I've painted this a few months ago. I wanted to do a different style. It was inspired on wallpaper.
NOW it's hanging, together with 10 other paintings of me, at my second exhibition. The exhibition is in 't Steencaycken ( Hoek 76/25 - 2850 Boom) from 2/april till sunday 15/may. There's also work of other participants. It really motivates me to keep on painting. It's nice to have a hobby like that.
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Apr 14, 2011


Someone is hungry... and it's fun to look at...

Apr 13, 2011


Just a cute picture // love the retro colors.

Hmm now, where did I found this...? oepsie
yes! found it: voila


I can't get enough of this site
"Led by drummer and composer Mike Reed, Chicago’s People, Places & Things offer a fresh take on the city’s jazz legacy and future by taking brilliant and forgotten music written in Chicago in the 50′s and 60′s and recontextualizing it. This poster was commissioned for their upcoming European tour."
It's a collaboration of the illustrator Christoph Fischer and the owners of the shop Sonnenzimmer Nick Butcher and Nadine Nakanish.
I thought it matches the 'jazzy' look of this girl.

Apr 9, 2011


The weekend is so nice and it's not even finished yet. It's because the sun is shining like it's summer already. I hear lawn mowers, a neighbor is cleaning his motorbike, some mommas are hanging the laundry outside, the birds are singing and everybody is smiling. I feel so much energy and happiness. (I'm a bit cheesy, I know).
I'm certainly go for a walk in the big city and have a lots of fun, drinking red wine on terraces,...yay!

Pink garden

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Apr 5, 2011


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Listening to..

... and watching this:


Beautiful pictures.
(Lily Donaldson for Vogue UK, source )